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  • Slow down the progress of your child.
  • Skip the old method of trail and error.
  • Messes all over the house, furniture, and especially clothing.
  • Cause confusion to your child.
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The Myths of Potty Training

Myth 1: Just sitting your child on the potty trains them

Many parents believe leaving your child on the toilet will train them to potty train on their own. This is False! What this is actually doing is confusing your child and this is the last thing your child needs. When putting your child on the potty, they will sometimes go. Also, when the child has diapers on, they will go in the diapers as well. This tells your child that there is more than one place where they can go which confuses your child.

Myth 2: Childcare and daycare will help potty training.

Wrong. Very wrong! Nowadays, more daycares are refusing to take in children that are not fully potty trained. The childcare centers that will take these children in will commonly use a one size fits all type of diaper. This will conflict with your child’s training at home and confuse them from when to go. This easy and effective potty training method in 3 days is a great guide for your child.

Myth 3: Wet Diapers will teach them not to have accidents.

This is a method that seems like it would be very effective because of the discomfort that the child will feel. Actually this is the opposite of potty training. What it is actually doing is telling your child to pee and poop because that’s where it belongs. This also is putting your child at extreme risk for a serious infection from leaving it in the diaper!

Myth 4: Potty training usually is difficult and frustrating.

This should never be the case. This is a time where you learn about your child and when your child learns from you. This is time where you can lead your child to potty training in 3 days. With the correct approach, it’s a fun and rewarding time for the both of you which will cause less messes. Click here and learn more how to quickly solve your child’s potty training needs.

Myth 5: Girls are easier to potty train than boys.

One of the oldest myth when getting rid of diapers, the gender of the child does not matter when going through the experience of potty training. Many parents make things harder when potty training boys. In reality, potty training girls is the exact same way. A mother role to potty train usually is the reason for this myth. They feel more comfortable to training their boy against training their girl. This is normal but they should be treated no different and this potty training in 3 days guide will help you accomplish this!

Potty Training Boys Potty Training Girls




When Do I Start Potty Training?

You cant just start potty training at out nowhere, right? Right! There are a couple things that you need to know before you start potty training. Your child needs to be physically and emotionally ready. The age your kid or kids are ready to start is when they are 2 to 2 and a half years old. But not every child is the same, therefore the process for each child is different. So the ups and down will vary for each child. Be ready, because the process is long and frustrating, and it’s even worse if your child is not ready for it. Good thing for you we have a product that can help with potty training in 3 days. It provides great methods to minimize frustration and instead help you communicate effectively.

One of the first key things your kids should have down is control of their bladder and bowel movements. The first sign that they have control is them using the bathroom at the same time daily. Another sign is your child not having bowel movements while they sleep during the night. This is a very common issue with children but not having do deal with this will save you a ton of time. The next sign thing that can show a good is dry diaper. This mean they’re getting used to the methods put in front of them. A key element that must go with all of this is the basic skills such as removing clothes. This will let you know and even better your child your know that they can go to the bathroom by themselves.

Now will your child will be ready for this? Physically? Yes. Emotionally? No. So what’s holding you back? Your child. They must be willing to cooperate with you to start things off. You can motivate them to be a “big girl” or “big boy” by telling them that wearing underpants is better than diapers. Emotionally you should see certain signs telling you that they’re ready such as:

  • Following simple instructions
  • Act like they want to know what going on when others in your family use the bathroom.
  • Show cleanliness when potty training. Many children go through an clean phase.
  • They tell you to wear underwear instead of diapers.
  • They bring up having a dirty diaper and having asked to be changed.

Do not over do it and try to get them trained all at once just because they’re showing sign of readiness. They can lose interest quickly so try making a game out of it or provide a reward when they do something that shows that they’re growing.

Of course, they must be ready for this step. You would like to start practicing with your child when they’re out of that stage where their automatic response in “no”. This will easy up the process of trying to get potty trained.

My Child Is Resisting. What Do I Do?

Don’t force it. If they’re not ready, then they’re not ready when they start to resist. Stress can become a huge delay or disruption. Potty training becomes less effective when huge changes are made in the routine. Also, everything can be going fine with your child, but then could become difficult out of nowhere. Why does this happen? This is normal. You have to make sure they are ready and in a stable environment when they resume potty training.

This training should be an amazing learning experience for everyone involved. This should all be positive. If you start having trouble and you see no progress with your child, then it’s best to ease up. Always continue on a positive note with your child and make it a positive training.

Effectively learn how to potty train in 3 days

Communication is key when trying to get your child to potty train effectively, so there’s a intellectual and verbal needed for potty training in 3 days. Let me give you a quick example of how the process should go. Driving a car with a manual transmission is very difficult to drive at first and have a great grasp takes a bit of time. First, you have to get a feel for the extra clutch pedal. At same time, figure out when it’s time to switch gears. Also, do all this smoothly for a simple and easy transition.

Potty training is the same. It’s difficult at first and before you know it, they get the hang of it. During the process, the tools your child will need to become familiar with the equipment, the physical business with adequate responses, forming a plan to do the right thing in a certain situation, and completing the task. Relaying your explanation, command, and responses effectively and tell they how well they are doing.

It takes time for the to learn. The average takes around 3 months to learn how to potty train until they can go by themselves. Now most of those days you will be dealing with a ton of frustration. They need to first realize when that feeling of going comes, it’s time to head to the bathroom or notify someone that it’s time to go. They will usually start showing these signs around the 12 to 18 month mark. The first action you need to tell them is to start taking them to the potty.

How Long Does Potty Training Take?

For an average child, it takes around 3 MONTHS! But what defines a toilet trained child? A potty trained child is considered to be once they know it’s time to got to the bathroom when they can use the potty on their own with some help.

Now of course, girls are trained quicker than boys. They just learn quicker for some reason and boys are just more stubborn to being done what their told. But in either case, discomfort now becomes common with a dirty diaper. Remove the diaper as quickly as possible. Around this age, kids start becoming less fond of clothes and rather run around naked. They will start asking questions about their private parts and how the body works.

They show interest in their body, it’s a great sign that we want to learn. These are stages of learning experiences so even trying to add potty training in 3 days can be add into the mix. Always show positive reinforcement to connect with your child showing them your happy about them doing something well. Long explanations are hard for children to understand. Keep it as short as possible when giving them instructions on how to clean themselves.

They will need help when they need to wipe because you don’t want them to have rashes due to insufficient wiping. Kids probably fine to be left alone until the age of 4 or 5. Bathrooms that they do not use or are unfamiliar with will be a challenge for them to start, so a little help in different situations is an amazing help showing them you’ll always be there if they are ever in trouble. Public bathrooms they will feel comfortable until the age of 5 or 6.

Set a plan and execute said plan. Eliminate all the small things and focus on the important aspects such as knowing when to go and where to go. Once they need to go you want them to picture the potty whenever they need to pee or poo. I will take it a while to get across that they need to head straight to the potty once they start training. Depending on the day, they could immediately go or maybe they’re put up a fight. Either way they need support to when they have the urge to go and completing the task before getting distracting with toys or the television.

Toddlers are constantly running around and probably wont sit and a certain spot for a very long time, so you are there to stay with the plan. Give them a small set time to abide by 1 or 2 min and if they don’t go come back to it later. The better chances you have them using it is when they stay on it the longest. The more your there to accompany them the longer they will stay there. Now how easy it can be to use the method used on 4 kids, boys and girls, and be done with potty training in 3 days. Check out some of the reviews this product has had. Why not avoid all the headaches.

But don’t think your done once you’ve trained them during the day. What about the night? They will have accident happen while they’re sleeping so you have to introduce night training. Who’s going to be tired the next morning? You. They’re going to have all the energy in the world the next morning, so getting through night training quickly will benefit you.

For the middle of the night situations, kids have not been trained for it which becomes another issue. Starting to train in this area, your toddler should wear diapers or training pants when they go to sleep. Encourage them to get up and use it when they must or even place the potty next to their bed. A plastic sheet under their sheets should be a good idea to help minimize the messes. This will continue into their school years. Only with training will you help them speed things up.

Staying dry at night can take multiple months, even years. You have to stay positive throughout the situation and help them reach their goals.

Potty Training Older Kids

Don’t be discouraged that your child is 3 or older and still hasn’t been potty trained yet. It’s natural if this is the case. Switching up to “big kid” underwear is a great way of getting started so they stop depending on the diaper as much as possible. There are different challenges when kids are at 3 years of age trying to potty train.

You have to stick to a certain routine and it’s crucial. These kids are older so it should be easier to understand and get a point across. Older kids do not want to stop playing at time so most need to be reminded to go to the bathroom every couple hours and making this a habit. Consistency is key when dealing with older children so they can avoid most of the accidents.

Offering a prize for completing a small task is a usual way of telling a child he or she has done a good job. Every child has a different reward that they usually like. It could range from candy bars to letting them play out. It’s a good idea to further and further the expectation that you would like to see depending on the amount of time that spent potty training in 3 days. The bigger the feat the bigger the reward. Find the sweet spot with your child to start seeing results because be sure that they to will remind you when they haven’t had any accidents.

Accidents? Are they happening regularly? There needs to be a set of rules in dealing with them. Do not give your child control over using the toilet. Send the message and follow guidelines strictly so they know what happens when accidents happen and let’s them know that they will not in a sense get away with it. Let them know that they have to do it just as good as their friends. Kids want to do what other kids are doing. Take advantage and show a positive attitude and the results will come.


Potty Training in 3 Days Testimonials 

Potty training in 3 days testimonials

Deanna A. Murphy

To be honest, I think I was probably one of the most hesitant of your customers to try out Start Potty Training. I found your site for potty training in 3 days, watched the video and still could not bring myself buy it. I thought I could potty train my son on my own and that was the largest mistake I have made all year.

After two completely miserable weeks of my husband and I trying to potty train our son on our own… I cracked open my bookmarks and came back to to get a copy. My son was in the furthest stages of regression, kicked and screamed when we would sit him on his potty. Not to mention would go and hide every time he had to go.

We used your methods and I was speechless after my husband and I witnessed our son sitting on his potty, all by himself! 4 days into your program and regression had been corrected and we had our first accident free day.Just had to write you and say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I honestly am hating myself for being skeptical and wish I never tried to do it myself. Thanks for all your help.


Irene Parks

It took: your guide, 5 full days and a total of 12 accidents but BOTH my twins are now completely potty trained! I even think my husband teared up a little yesterday when we watched our one son run off to the potty for the first time on his very own. Thought twins would have been harder but your guide made it so the two of them really motivated each other, what a cool thing to see the both of them work as a team.

Anyways, after writing to you so many times with questions I felt I should at least let you know how it all worked out.


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