Potty Training Girls

Potty Training Girls? Should be easy, right?…

And it is! And when is the best time to start  potty training girls? At the ages of 2 – 2 1/2 years old. Also, it’s easier to potty train girls than boys. Does this girl have a sibling? Even easier! Girls can start training even sooner if they have another sibling. It encourages them to keep going by working together.

Who do they learn from the most? You, their parent. They imitate whatever you do, so the same idea goes into potty training girls. So by using the copycat behavior, and a little encouragement, you can get started in no time. When starting to potty train, it’s best to take them with you while they imitate going as well. Another tip that works, start telling her stories about how big girls pee and poop and how this can become something she becomes more accustomed to the more she get’s used to it.

Potty Training Girls just got easy!

You know those underwear’s with cartoon characters? A big secret in successful potty training girls.

By nature, girls are more concerned of staying cleaner. So when girls wet their underwear, it’s very common for girls to tell their mommy that they need to go.

One important aspect when potty training girls, teaching them how to properly wipe herself.




Your daughter should wipe herself from front to back to prevent bringing germs from the rectum to the vagina or bladder. If she doesn’t understand from the beginning or grasp this routine, then teach her to pat the area dry after peeing. Another quick tip, buy toilet paper that is her favorite color. She’ll be wanting to use it just cause she likes the color.

Urinary infections are common in girls who are being toilet trained. This is what you should look for:

  • The frequency or the sudden need to go
  • Pain in the abdomen or pelvic area
  • Starts to wet herself after she has her bladder under control
  • Complains about pain as while she’s peeing

If you have any concern, please contact your doctor and have her checked up.

Commonly, girls will learn how to use the potty for peeing but use the diaper for pooping. Do not give in! Do not go back to diapers. Instead take some extra time to talk to her and explain how big girls poop and that now she’s a big girl too. That will result in keeping their underpants clean so they feel like they become the “big girl”.

Video presentation for potty training girls


Mix in games while potty training girls

potty-training-girls 1Games! Who likes them? Children do! So what do you do? Mix it in while potty training girls. It’s genius!

Girls love to play pretend with their toys. Try the “potty pretend game”. This involves taking your daughters favorite toy and placing it on a pretend potty while she’s sitting on her own. Another game, is to add food coloring to the water. Why? The color changes and children find it amazing that when they pee the color changes.





Keep the potty training girls easy and simple. Sure you can scurry the internet for all the tips and tricks that you can find. They key? Keep it consistent from one source and you WILL avoid many headaches and a ton of frustration.

This video will give you a basic foundation of how potty training for girls can become as easy as it can be. Check it out:

Potty training girls video


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